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Early Vaccinations Are Vital for Protecting Your Pet’s Health

As a pet parent, you should provide your pets with vaccinations when they’re young to help ensure they live a long, happy and healthy life. Knowing why these vaccinations are important can help strengthen your reason to proactively protect your pet.

Vaccines are Less Expensive than Treatments


Vaccinating your pet is a cost-effective way to care for your pet. Treatments and hospitalization can cost thousands of dollars and if the illness is complex, no amount of money may be enough to restore your pet’s health. Early vaccinations are the first step to a lifetime of preventive care that can keep you from experiencing grief, heartache, and guilt from your pet suffering from a preventable disease.

Vaccines Strengthen the Immune System


Your young pet’s first exposure to serious diseases is either through vaccinations or natural exposure. The ideal exposure is early vaccinations. Each immunization has a tiny amount of inactivated virus. Your pet’s developing immune system will study these viruses so it can create antibodies for them, meaning your pet’s body can get to know these viruses without being sick. Someday, if your pet becomes exposed to the same diseases, your pet’s immunity knows how to fight it off.

Vaccines Protect Against Dangerous Diseases


The environment can be full of disease-causing microorganisms that occur naturally. There is no telling what kinds of disease your pet might be exposed to. Vaccinating early is an effective measure against preventable diseases. Research shows that this type of preventative care saves many pets from an array of diseases and prevents unnecessary illnesses.

Vaccines Can Prolong Your Pet’s Life


Even if an unvaccinated pet survives a potentially deadly infection, long-term side effects may affect your pet. A pet born with a weak immune system is more at risk of contracting illnesses., while vaccinated pets are shown to live longer, healthier lives and can recover quicker if exposed to diseases in adulthood.

Vaccines Can Improve Public Health


Vaccinating your pet when they’re young protects them from zoonotic diseases, which helps protect humans from exposure as well. Leptospirosis and rabies are two of the most serious zoonotic diseases humans can contract from pets and are preventable by vaccines. Protecting your pet from these illnesses can also protect you and your family.

Vaccines Can Help Your Pet Be Well-Mannered, Well-Groomed and Social


Grooming, boarding and training facilities often require proof of current vaccines before they provide services. Bringing your pet to the groomer is easier if you keep your pet’s vaccines up to date; same with enrolling them in obedience training. Keeping your pet vaccinated can help secure pet-sitting services or pet hotel reservations if you need to leave on short notice.

Working with your veterinarian at Boca Chica Animal Hospital & Pet Resort can ensure your pet receives their vaccinations on time. We strive to provide high-quality pet care products and services. You can visit our facility in Brownsville, Texas, for a consultation. Please call 956-541-5249 to set an appointment or ask about our vaccination packages.

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