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Holiday Pet Boarding FAQs

If you are going on holiday, you need to consider what to do with your pet while you are away. You must choose between leaving your pet at home with a caregiver or taking him or her to a boarding facility. If you have never used pet boarding facilities, you are likely to have some questions about this service. Here are some answers to pet boarding frequently asked questions.   


Is It Better to Board Your Pet With a Vet for the Holidays?


Yes, boarding your pet with a vet is the best way to take care of your pets while you are away. Regardless of how comfortable your home may be, leaving your pet home alone should not be an option. The fact is that this can trigger depression, anxiety, and feelings of abandonment. 


On the other hand, a caregiver might not give the pet the attention it deserves. Your vet in Brownsville, TX at Boca Chica Animal Hospital is the best to handle your pet since we’re professionals and fully equipped to meet all your pet's needs.


Is the Pet Boarding Facility Safe?


The most common concern for any pet parent is how safe their pet will be at a facility. The simple answer is that if you choose the right facility, your pet will be very safe. Do your research and visit the facility before you sign on your pet. 


Do not be afraid to ask for a tour of the facility and to ask questions. If you choose a veterinary boarding facility, like the one at Boca Chica Animal Hospital & Pet Resort, your pet will be much safer than they can be even at home.  


Will the Pet Enjoy Their Stay?


A good pet boarding facility will provide services that will keep your pet comfortable and happy. The services provided include regular exercise, walks, and grooming. Your pet will be around other pets, which makes for exciting playtime. 


The animals socialize in groups with those of similar size and temperament. You do not have to be afraid of your pooch being terrorized by a larger or more aggressive pet.  


Will Their Special Needs Pet Be Cared For?


If your pet has special needs, placing them in a vet boarding facility is important. Senior pets, very young pets, and pets with medical needs will be well taken care of in the boarding facility. These are animals that require closer monitoring than other healthy adult animals. If your pet has a chronic condition that requires scheduled medication, care is available at the facility.


What Is the Policy on Vaccinations?


When planning to board your pet, you need to find out the health criteria that must be met. Most pet boarding facilities require that pets be current on the core vaccinations. The pet must also receive a vaccination for kennel cough. Your pet needs protection against fleas and heartworm and must have no signs of parasite infection. 


What Do the Pets Do All Day?


The thought of your pet being cooped up in a kennel all day can be frightening. Most pet owners want to know what the boarded animals do all day. The best boarding facilities provide outdoor play yards where the animals can socialize and run around with other pets. The pets play all day, taking breaks for naps and meals. Your pet will get all the exercise they need, surrounded by pets of the same size and temperament.  


Why Should I Choose to Board My Pet With My Vet?


Choosing to board your pet with your vet at Boca Chica Animal Hospital has numerous advantages. At the minimum, your vet will make sure that your pet stays in a clean, secure, and comfortable environment. Your vet's boarding facility will follow the required health criteria and ensure pets enjoy a safe environment.


For more holiday pet boarding FAQs, call Boca Chica Animal Hospital & Pet Resort for their animal hospital and boarding facility in Brownsville, Texas, at 956-541-5249.

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