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How to Prepare my Dog for Boarding

Sometimes in our ever-busier lives, circumstances may arise where you need to put your dog into a boarding facility. Whether it’s a vacation, a business trip, or while you have a stay in the hospital, there are various reasons you may need to send your dog away for a certain time period.

For some animals, the process of boarding can be a stressful time, but by preparing your pets for their temporary stay away from home, that stress can be reduced, and like any pet owner, an animal’s happiness is always a huge priority. To help them handle the boarding process better, here are a few valuable tips to help prepare them as much as possible.


Book a visit with your veterinarian in Brownsville

It is always good to know that our pets are in the best health possible, and prior to their visit to a boarding facility having them checked over by a vet is highly reassuring. Alongside a routine check-up, your Brownsville veterinarian can ensure that any vaccinations are up to date. This is important as most boarding facilities will insist on this to prevent the spread of any diseases within the population that they are caring for. Knowing that pets are fully protected can be a great comfort when you send them to a boarding facility.


Search for a reputable boarding facility

When it comes to where you send your dog to stay, one thing is certain - you want them to be as safe, happy, and comfortable as possible, so being selective about where you choose to send them is very important. Knowing that your pet is in the hands of caring professionals is not only a comfort to us as owners, but it also helps prevent our pets from sensing any anxiety you may have had.

Word of mouth recommendations from friends, family, and other dog owners is always a good starting point to help establish any facilities that stand out as great, and if there are any you should look to avoid. Go online to look at websites, and of course to search for any reviews of the facilities which stand out as possibilities for you. From there, make a shortlist of 2 or 3 that particularly stand out to you, and that you would like to consider. If you’re in the Brownsville area, we recommend our boarding facility at Boca Chica Animal Hospital & Pet Resort as a highly recommended and reviewed Brownsville boarding facility.

Once you have your shortlist, we strongly recommend that you schedule a visit to see each facility in person. Anyone can create a website and upload images, and you need to be sure that what you see online is what you are getting in person. It’s worth asking if your pet can accompany you, or if they offer a short trial stay for a day or even just a couple of hours to gauge your pet’s reaction to the facility. This can give you an idea of how well they’ll settle for a longer visit and show you the type of care on offer.


Make sure your pet will be well fed!

Any pet owner leaving their dog in a boarding facility will of course want to feel reassured that their pet will eat enough. Suddenly switching a dog’s brand of food can disrupt their appetite and cause an upset stomach. To prevent this from happening, check with the facility to see what brands of food they provide or if you can bring your own pet food with you.


Manage their medication

If your pet takes regular medication, it is important to make sure the boarding facility has staff with the skill and experience to administer these on your behalf. When dropping your pet off, label their medication clearly, and provide the facility with instructions as to how and when to give them their medication. Always provide a little more than is needed for the duration of your stay so if any becomes lost or your pet refuses to take it, there is enough for the entire stay.


Don’t prolong your goodbyes


When you drop your dog off for their stay at the boarding facility, it’s going to be an emotional moment. Nevertheless, it’s important to not make too much of a fuss. Animals sense and pick up on human emotions, so if they feel that their owner is sad, anxious, or stressed about leaving them, that can rub off on them and cause them to become more worried than they would have otherwise been. Keep your goodbyes short and to the point, and if you are worried, you can always call the facility and check how they have settled in later on that day.

If you have any questions or would like any further advice on how to help prepare your pet for a boarding stay, please contact Boca Chica Animal Hospital & Pet Resort in Brownsville, Texas at 956-541-5249 today.

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